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2014 ☼ Michael Christian Martinez + Style Weekend



I. freakin. hate. driving.

Behind the scenes of Style Weekend


"Yuzu was a bit of a puppy," said Tracy Wilson, the Olympic ice dance bronze medalist who helps coach Hanyu. " (!)

Yes, He looks like a puppy>.<

Fantasy on ice 2014 in toyama

Fantasy on ice 2014 in toyama

I finally updated it sorry I’ve been also so late on updating. I’ve just been really busy! I have to get things ready for the upcoming school year like ordering my books and such and I have work and Drivers Ed and ugh so stressful. Enough of my problems, I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always helpful and appreciated! Thanks guys (:


the jaw line in the last one is just

Mao Asada & Kanako Murakami The Ice 2014